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Thursday 22 July 2021

Train Trip across Turkey

The Dogu Express travels across Turkey in 24 hours - from Ankara eastwards to the Armenian border. It's easy and slow - but every day thousands try to get hold of one of the coveted tickets for the cult train. We tried a long time to get tickets, they were always sold out. We thought we'd never make this trip. Ankara just before 6 p.m. Volkan and Hasan meet their fellow students at the old train station. The six friends are studying at the University of Ankara and are about to graduate. Before they start their professional life, they want to travel together one last time. 

With the Dogu Express. Ever since young Turks discovered the nostalgic train as a party train, there has been a huge hype about the country's slowest express. We will take time for ourselves and for our friendship. There are 24 hours ahead of us and 24 hours back. It will be a great trip for sure. You said it! We are ready! I can't come up here alone. Can you make it ... Hüseyin Celik is the conductor for sleeping car no. 11, in which the group also has its compartments. Hüsey Cengiz, how are you? Shortly after the descent, Hüseyin's shift begins. One of his tasks is to distribute the bedding for the night. Abi we have one more question! - I would like to ask you something, could you give us two extra pillows? - I'll see if there's enough left. 

You are counted. - Okay. - But I'll have a look and bring you two. - Okay. At the front of the Dogu Express are the seating cars. At the rear are the sleeping cars with two and four compartments. Each passenger gets a sheet, a blanket and a pillow - or two if he asks nicely. - Here are the two extra pillows. OK? - Oley, Oley, Oley, Oley. Come on in too, Abi. I've been away from home for four days at this point. I have a family, children. God forbid if something happens to them, then I can't be there for them right away. That is the disadvantage of this job. The journey with the Dogu Express begins in the Turkish capital Ankara, runs through seven provinces and ends in Kars on the Armenian border. 

The train travels an average of 70 kilometers per hour and takes 24 hours to cover the 1310 kilometers. The lawyer Atalay lives in western Turkey on the Aegean coast. His fiancée, the lecturer-te Merve, in the Turkish capital. They see each other far too seldom. When the invitation to a friend's wedding came to Kars, they decided on the longest and slowest travel route. So they can spend more time together. Merve lives in Ankara, I in Izmir. We could both have gone there directly, even in a very short time. But I came to Ankara to take the train. 

To ride together. - This is a special experience for us. - A nice experience. - Exactly. - We don't see each other often, only a few days a month. We think the longer the journey, the longer we'll see each other. That's why we like to make short trips like this. In the evening, calm slowly returns to the train. Just not in wagon number 11. Young Turks are in fierce competition to see who will have the best party at Dogu Expres. It is carried on social media. The compartments are decorated and photos are shared on Instagram. The picture with the most likes wins. - Bitch! - Yes? - 

We have toiled enough! - all our tasks done! - Now you can do something too! - Okay. - you will be surprised when you go in there. Mücke and Özüm are future agricultural scientists. During their studies they often traveled through Turkey with the boys. To see the land, but also to be seen. On the one hand we enjoy the moment, on the other hand we don't neglect Instagram. We take pictures and try to post them whenever we have a network. We want people to see us because it's fun. Actually, we're only here to take photos. Finally the friends can toast to their trip. 

They sacrificed a lot of time and energy to get tickets for the Dogu Express, the budding archaeologist Hasan even his relationship. My girlfriend said where are you going? Did you ask me if you could? So, if I asked her permission, I said I don't have to. After all, my friends are with me and I won't trade them for anything. Then we had a huge row. If I had a boyfriend, he would never allow me this trip. My ex-guys have always been very jealous and possessive.

 I think I attract these types of men. As the young people celebrate, it is time for the last prayer of the day. Ahmet Odabaşı visited an old friend and is now going home. He is traveling on the Dogu Express because there is room to pray here. It's not easy im driving to wash. the city of Erzincan is known for its cold spring water. I washed the children's hands and now they get the promised ice cream. Larger train stations have small kiosks where you can buy essentials. But no spirits, because the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Soon after departure, most of the passengers at the Dogu Express kebab restaurant call in the province of Erzurum, 4 hours away.

You order the famous cag kebab straight to the train. Volkan placed our order, but honestly we're a little worried. The train just stops for a brief time frame. Let's see if they manage to get our food ready and bring us. Hopefully you will find us! In rural areas, children come to the Dogu Express because the guests throw them gifts and sweets from the moving train. - Did you get the books? - Yes, they have, they have. - Bye Bye. 

You are so cute! So beautiful eyes! The students bought books for the children and put money between the pages. In the late afternoon the train arrives in Erzurum, where hopefully the food will be waiting for you. Mücke and Volkan only have ten minutes to find the supplier, receive the kebabs and pay for them. It was agreed that their order would be taken to car number 11, but no one would come. Lots of suppliers walk through the train station, it is difficult to find the right man. 

But in the end they meet him. Hundreds of kebabs are delivered directly to Dogu-Express in this way every day. Delicious. Better than we expected. An incredible taste. And still warm. This is how we imagined it, we were not disappointed. On the journey from Central to Eastern Anatolia, the landscape changes, and so does the temperature. In the snow-capped mountains of the province of Kars it is 20 degrees colder than in Ankara. Merve and Atalay plan their future together. Where will they live and work after the wedding? In Izmir, in Ankara or somewhere in eastern Turkey? 

No, I cannot imagine living here, even if the nature is beautiful. My father was stationed as a civil servant on the Turkish Railways in Erzincan. We lived there for ten years, I went to elementary school there. The living conditions in the east are tough - that's not for us. As a percentage of the population, Turkey has the most Instagram users worldwide. 58% of Turks have an account. We want to photograph each other here. We have to take a lot of pictures to post on Instagram. It's like proof that we were here. I hope we can find enough interesting poses. To do this, we change and swap clothes. 

The Dogu Express has to pass almost 200 tunnels on its long journey. Most of them were carved into the mountains 100 years ago and offer a nostalgic backdrop for unusual Instagram photos. The train manager did allow the young people to take photos in the freight car, but not that they put themselves in danger. You are welcome to take photos here, but not wild poses. Don't hang out. - Can we stand here? - Clear. - But let the doors shut, that's not allowed. I am responsible for you. It is only a few kilometers to the destination station in Kars. Sule has packed everything and is ready. 

After days of separation, she will soon see her husband again. Hello, yes we will be there soon. Wait, I'll give you Neva. Here take papa. As a working mother, Sule has to balance work and family. In Turkey it goes without saying that family members support each other with childcare. Sula's sister accompanies her on trips as a babysitter. The Dogu Express arrives in Kars almost 2 hours late. Mehmet is already waiting on the platform. The party troop will spend the night before the return trip in a hotel. But first they visit a Caucasian restaurant. Kars the next morning. 

At 8 a.m. the departure back to Ankara. The students would have liked to see the historic old town, but they have to go back because the lectures are starting again. On the return journey, too, Hüseyin Celik is the conductor for car number 11. Welcome, have a good trip. Can I ask for the tickets? I know you from somewhere? - The same card again? - Remember, I will take bitter revenge for it! I like to have fun with young people and join in with their jokes. You don't annoy me. It's a long three days journey and whether we like it or not, we do it together. I want the trip to go well for all of us and that is only possible if you get along with the guests. 

Funny videos from the Dogu Express are especially popular on social media. Like parodies of popular songs. Two carriages further are the luxury compartments of the train. Equipped with a kitchenette and refrigerator. You will be special by couple en appreciated. Also from foreigners. The Swiss social workers Michael and Josephine have taken a break from work and are on their way home from Tehran. This Dogu Express is one of the nicest we've seen. Even with this intimate two-person compartment, exactly. The goal is to travel home from Tehran by land. 

And from the beginning we actually had the topic of this train is so slow that we like it a lot so that you can also see a lot of the landscape. Özüm is looking for someone to braid her hair. In the Dogu Express it goes without saying that you ask fellow travelers for help. - Can I ask you something, can you braid my hair? - Sure, how? Maybe start in the middle. - What's your name? - Sevda. - I'm glad Sevda, I'm Özüm. We got on in Kars. - I'm studying English literature in Kars. - Wow. 

I agricultural science. Hasan is a successful archeology student who doesn't have to worry about his professional future. But he's worried about his private life. I am thoughtful. I had an argument with my girlfriend before leaving. She wanted me to choose or the Dogu Express. I decided to go on the trip. But when we are back in Ankara, I will wait with flowers in front of her door until she forgives me.

On the last evening on the Dogu Express, the students hold an impromptu concert in the on-board restaurant. Much to the delight of fellow travelers. 8.30 a.m. Arrival in Ankara. We are sad that the journey is over. But we already discussed on the way that we have to do it again. This was our first trip on the Dogu Express, but definitely not the last. Due to the high domestic and international demand, the Turkish Railways decided that the Dogu Express will run twice a day from now on. Across Turkey. 

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