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Monday 6 September 2021

How Earn Money Online

In today article, I cover some questions ragarding Online Earning. How do we start freelancing?" When asking what experience you have, "Sir, I just started learning Illustrator." "Or I learned Illustrator, now learning Photoshop (or learned)." Now I'm putting this topic aside for now and try to understand one important thing and you'll agree with whatever I say. For example, a person's learning to drive, from scratch, learning to drive cars... Hits it, accidents happen, maybe not many are hitting. Imagine that he has just learned to drive a new car and in his lane or to say, on streets where traffic is less, driving there And he's still learning All of a sudden that person declares, "I want to participate in Formula 1 now!" Think, think once Now Formula 1 racing cars are different... Let alone Formula 1, let's talk about Grand Prix Or there are many global car races, let's talk about it; Formula 1 is a different league, right? Now imagine, is that person really ready for the fact that he... race at the Grand Prix? Or the race taking place in Milan, should he participate there? It can't be! You all will agree too. So what does he have to do first? 

First he has to learn to drive very well Then he has to practice running on the big roads in the city And believe me, when I first learned to drive literally I used to be scared to go on the main roads. It was dangerous too. But it doesn't happen to many people, many are too early to... Dad's car... steals out of the house (😁), leaves without telling them and learns too I didn't get such an opportunity, but I had to learn it later I've seen a lot of people who at a very young age can do excellent driving So keep this driving in mind now, coming with your freelancing, later, okay? Now, this person who has just learned to drive, will first drive on the city roads, then on the highways. This'll take at least a year, I think... Well, not one year, at least six months will take! Isn't it? 

It'll take six months and then he'll have the courage to go on the highways. Now, driving on the highway is certainly not easy, you know when traveling from one city to another, you get heavy traffic, the rules may be different there a certain speed limit has to be maintained. In Karachi, when we drive a car, if we're at a speed above 40, we feel we're sprinting! Because traffic jams, this or that, someone coming from this way, coming from that way Pretty... pretty difficult it is! And the guy who just learned to drive is demanding "I'll take part in the Grand Prix." Of course he can, I didn't deny, but... Time! It will take time! How much time? Depends on the practice. If he practices more, starts to get on the highway sooner, not just the highway also participates in small street races. 

Begins to understand the car; What's its parts; The car, you have to understand it well dear! Because... He's planning something of grand level, isn't it? Now the person who just started, even if we put him in the Grand Prix anyway, what'll happen with him? Definitely he... will ruin everything! Maybe he'll lose his life! Now, of course, it was all about physical driving, let's get to your freelancing So this freelancing, this is also a Grand Prix race. Race it is, really it's a race Because you're not alone, who are to participate Many, many smart players around the world are in the market! Now what's that market, let's talk about Fiverr as an example So do you think all the new kids are on the Fiverr and everyone is working for 5$? No! 99Designs is, I say, a Grand Prix; or Upwork, another Grand Prix; these are on a very high level. Sometimes it hits the bullseye, it hits, but... I request you all, first... Get yourself ready to participate in such a race! It's more important! 

Now, what the small races will be like, let me tell you a simple thing. If you're planning to do freelancing then please! For God's sake, take some time first! When many people ask me... "We want to earn online" and "Tell me which software to learn" My heart gets shattered into pieces, breaks apart, what are these people thinking! See I always say that a graphic designer can earn better than an MBBS doctor Which is a fact, you all know. Is that really okay, an MBBS doctor will earn less than us and we'll earn more Keeping in mind that the MBBS doctor has studied for God knows how many years, mastering thick books and then he goes on to become a doctor. Think my dear, it's an injustice! So, such injustice doesn't happen in this world actually. As much as he studied, as many hours he has given in his studies, you also must give. It's very important, please try to understand! Then the problem is that, many students often message me "Sir I uploaded my gig on Fiverr but it's not selling at all." 

Then bro, your work is not good! The person who'll pay money will thoroughly check before paying, you simply think like that... You go to the market, you go to buy things, there are 10,000 sellers selling bad products Would you buy from them? No! You'll go to that one seller who has the good products And he has a lot of rush. Think for once! The one who's spending money won't pay because he's merciful on you he's giving you money, which means he wants service from you and only the best one. So it's a race, understand that it's a race And to participate in this race you need to exercise at a very pro-level. By exercise I mean you must practice; You have to sharpen your skills a lot more. One thing to remember, see skills can be learned Talent - that thing which is by birth and God-gifted Everyone has talents inside them, I'm not saying you don't have any talent Maybe you have a talent that no one can compete with Everyone surely has talents inside them! 

Maybe you don't have the talent of design but something else is present, think about it. Now... Skills as I said can be learned, so the graphic designing, the software, these are all skills these can be learned! Some people are talented by birth, who... without knowing what rules to follow, their color schemes turn out to be outstanding! You may've seen, that whenever this guy is designing something, his colors are amazing It's gifted in him And if it's not gifted in you, then you have to learn the science of colors! Understand typography, understand what is balancing These are the rules of graphic design! You have to learn these rules just like to get a driving license you have to learn some rules Even though many people illegally take out licenses You know what the condition of the road becomes then. People go at a speed of 40 in the fast lane, just because they don't have the knowledge that it's a fast lane, they have to go fast here! Have to go here fast, not 40 speed, at least 80 speed needed here dear! So the state of our roads, same happened with the freelancing market. 

Those who don't know what it is, jumps in, to work So to you, to everyone, a small plea Please! Polish your skills first, then jump into the market Well, grow up gradually, as I said, to drive cars first try the lanes Then the roads, then the bigger roads and then the highways, then to think on whether to go to the races or not. Do the same in freelancing, now let me share a strategy. Practice first, a lot! So that you provide a solution... Remember designing is a solution, design is a solution, I already mentioned in my graphic design theory class. Design is a solution! So first you become the solution provider. Many people told me, "Sir after watching such and such tutorials we designed a banner or a logo, and that's what we put on the gig." Fear the God, dear! The whole world may've made that logo and banner, how do you... I mean, you remake a copied design and claim that "look I can make these things"... Can you really make it? Everyone wants something different, boss! Each wants something different. 

If I go to make a suit, a Bespoke suit, that's made according to my body size if anyone's an expert, I'll be ready to pay him twenty thousand to make. Because my clothes will also be at least 15 to 20 thousand Because everyone knows, to make an elite suit, it costs money! So if you want to do elite kind of work, you need an elite type of practice I'll be ready to spend 20,000 on that tailor to make my suit, just because he has the expertise, he has a reputation in the market. You have to be like that, you have to reach that level So now your practice will be done, well what to do next? Then all you have to do is that for different people, that is, everyone around you Your uncle, cousin, or any older brother, or father Start designing for them, this is your first practice! And you know what? If it's a nice design, if printed; For example, you can design a business card for them, or you... I won't tell about the logo at all now, design the business card if they have the existing logo, If they have any shops, design the signboard. Start from the little things, okay? 

If they're willing to run Facebook marketing then start that, start social media marketing for them Do it for free, no problem! This is your practice, start it. At this duration you'll learn a lot. Secondly I always say, grab some internships! You do internships, you'll see how people work professionally Local... in your city, if you can get an internship at any office, it'll be excellent! Don't take money, no problem. If you're paid, well and good, if not, no problem! Do an internship so that you know how to work professionally, see the environment, understand how to interact with people. Start doing these things, and believe me Within 3 to 4 months, inside you confidence will build up and you'll see "Everything we thought was wrong!" This thing takes a lot of practice, a lot of experience. Hope you understand these little things, I'm going to continue this series There are still many topics that'll be helpful for you And... I think these are very necessary Usually, I'd discuss it in a Livestream, and I know it's much longer, many people don't watch as a whole. Short videos are coming, lots are coming, lots of knowledge you'll get. Hope you loved the video, if you love it, please give a like, share it with your friends, if you haven't subscribed, please do it too. By the way many haven't subscribed yet, I know you haven't either! Do it. Thank you.

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